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Located in the heart of Australia’s veal production region, Northern Rivers Meat Co processes its award winning veal at its site in Casino, NSW.

The veal is hand selected from milk fed calves, farmed on the lush pastures in regions ranging from Northern NSW to southern QLD’s Darling Downs.

Northern Rivers has a stringent purchasing practice to ensure that the livestock purchased is selected only from herds that are range fed in the local area. Over the years, Northen Rivers has gained a reputation as quality veal buyers, thus requiring our suppliers to continually improve their breeding and raising performance, to supply suitable vealers to meat to our markets around the world. 

This selective process ensures customers a wholesome, natural product, conducive with good dietary habits and high grade food safety to attractively market on menus both domestically and internationally.

Northern Rivers Veal is famous both within Australia and in major export markets around the world for premium quality products. Experience the great taste and tenderness of Northern Rivers Veal.

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